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LZI Langzeitinkasso GmbH is the leading German specialist for the pursuit of court-ordered claims enforcement in Germany.

After the first few unsuccessful enforcement attempts, court-ordered claims often get filed away deep in the archives. There they often remain, unenforced and largely forgotten.

LZI Langzeitinkasso GmbH specialises in pursuing and enforcing court-ordered claims.

LZI uses its well-developed solutions, judgement, perseverance, and extensive expertise to enforce long-term claims, keeping addresses up-to-date, and contacting debtors until the claims are settled.


Founded in 2016 as a company
of the HFG Group with over 25 years
of successful experience in the field of
claims collections and management


A dedicated team comprising
highly-qualified analysts, buyers,
lawyers, and legal clerks



Multilingual and free hotline
available monday til friday
from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
on 0 800 3 02 08 83




As a mouthpiece of the collection economy, the BDIU offers security, a serious approach and focus for the entire industry. It is fully committed to the interests of its members, setting clear standards for fair and responsible debt collection. Positive attitude, honesty and consistency are the yardsticks for meeting the high responsibility that the collection economy places on both creditors and debtors alike.

As a representative of the interests of the debt collection sector, the BDIU is committed to all parties involved in the economic process: companies and consumers, creditors and debtors alike.


Environmental and resource protection

Langzeitinkasso GmbH supports climate protection and uses CO2-neutral dispatch methods.