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Why let your claims gather dust in the archive
when they can be enforced?

Long-term debt collection pays off.


Court-ordered claims can be
enforced successfully, even it
takes some time.


Transfer your entire collections and
monitoring process, including
document archiving.


Achieve higher income with
efficient long-term savings
while eliminating cost risks.

LZI invests in enforcing your court-ordered and previously uncollected claims.

LZI specialises in long-term collection and handles all kinds of cases, from private individuals to world market leaders. LZI pursues the claim at no up-front charge to you, claiming a commission only on successfully enforced claims.

State-of-the-art IT supports the recovery process and creates room for persistent, effective dialogue with debtors.

Let LZI manage and resolve your court-ordered claims enforcement.

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Get in touch with us today.

Get in touch with us today.